These will be some of the biggest wind turbines in the country

Having a local wind farm will not reduce your energy bills

Wind energy does not replace the need for Coal or Nuclear Power

Noise effects from wind turbines can impact adversely on health. The noise effects can be experienced up to 1¼ miles away.

The strobing effect can affect car/tractor drivers when the turbines blades rotate with the sun behind - mornings and evenings in summer and almost any time in winter! Relatively new research links this effect with epilepsy!

Wind turbines may cause interference with TV signals requiring re-positioning or replacement of aerials or installation of cable/ satellite.

Meaningful consultation with local residents has not taken place –your views now have a limited timeframe in which to be put forward

If all the wind turbines currently in planning are approved, Penistone could have 31 gigantic turbines with the possibility of more!

Construction of this wind farm will cause massive disruption on our local roads for many months

Our birds, bats and badgers will suffer as a result of this development